VyoPath and HOPZERO Announce Partnership

September 10, 2018

The partners at VyoPath, Inc. are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with HOPZERO. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, HOPZERO has a revolutionary approach to data security that we believe will change the way all businesses address data security. Not only will security include the traditional firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention solution; but new focus on securing the data movement by adding HOPZERO’s capability to limit the movement of data outside of the "sphere of trust".


This partnership comes at an exciting time for both companies as we grow our businesses. HOPZERO’s solutions offer a powerful solution for extending cyber security beyond access control and prevention by adding a new capability to restrict data movement. VyoPath is a preferred North American sales and services provider of HOPZERO's solutions and is positioned to distribute and provide implementation and consulting services around the solution set.


For more on HOPZERO visit: www.vyopath.com/hopzero or www.HOPZERO.com.