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Configure Netflow - Cisco 7600

  1. If you plan to export NetFlow statistics, globally enable NDE on the router by issuing the following commands:
    configure terminal
    ip flow-export destination
    ip flow-export version
    mls nde sender version

  2. Enable NetFlow on individual interfaces by issuing the following commands:
    configure terminal
    ip flow ingress

  3. (Optional) To configure NetFlow sampling, do the following:

    1. Enable sampled NetFlow globally on the router (mls sampling).

    2. Enable sampled NetFlow on individual interfaces (mls netflow sampling).

  4. Verify the NDE configuration to ensure that it does not conflict with other features such as QoS or multicast. Use the show ip interface command to verify the configuration.

Additional commands and information can be  found in the Cisco 7600 Series Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide.

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