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With traditional monitoring solutions that require thresholds to be set manually or by policy,  Alert fatigue, which is a is a real thing, can often overwhelm your technical team with high volumes of alerts on deep system metrics, like disk space for specific storage arrays and CPU utilization for individual servers.  There was a time when technology managers needed to actively monitor these kinds of granular metrics, however, these alerts just create distracting noise.


These noisy, non-contextualized alerts are major problem and they cause your teams to lose focus on what was really impacting the business. To assess and maintain the health of your distributed systems running high- scale, you needed a performance monitoring strategy that will deliver meaningful and actionable information.


With Datadog’s ability collect and combine data from all aspects of your business services, Application Performance, Logs, Infrastructure (System and Network) as well as Synthetic Transactions and Real User Monitoring, you get a 3600 view of you most important business services.  When you have all of your business services metrics in a single monitoring platform you have the ability to create intelligent alerts based on all the all data, not just metrics from a single facet.     

VyoPath is a Certified services provider for Datadog

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