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Koiossian's solutions can help solve your organization's most challenging Digital Infrastructure Management problems. Whether you need Log Analytics, Network Analytics or Threat Hunting and Security Management… our solutions deliver immediate insights.​

VyoPath is Koiossian's preferred North American services provider.


Koiossian's ElastiFlow™ is the most popular open-source solution for collecting and visualizing network flow data with the Elastic Stack. It is so good Elastic used it to create Logstash's Netflow Module. Building on that foundation, sýnesis™ provides advanced analytics, alerting and enhanced visualization options which work together to provide deep insights into your network traffic


Koiossian's sýnesis™ provides deep insight into digital infrastructures of any scale. sýnesis™ combines advanced machine learning techniques to analyze massive amounts of data from hundreds of sources. Combined with a simple, yet powerful user interface, users are able to quickly identify and focus on the most important issues within their environment.

Logstash, ElastiFlow™, sýnesis™  Differences
Note (**) These features require additional license for X-Pack