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Koiossian's solutions and services can help solve your organization's most challenging Digital Infrastructure Management problems. Whether you need Log Analytics, Network Analytics or Threat Hunting and Security Management… our solutions deliver immediate insights.​

VyoPath is Koiossian's preferred North American services provider.


Z-IMPACT is currently the only true Hyperconverged solution provider.   The Z-IMPACT solution will reduce you Carbon Foot Print by at least 50%, Power and Cooling requirements by at least 50%, and reduce your data center space requirements by 50 to 80%, while outperforming existing compute platforms by a factor 30x.

Z-IMPACT's patented technology is revolutionizing the approach to how we build, manage and populate the data centers of the 21st century and beyond.

VyoPath proud to be a Reseller for the Z-IMPACT Solutions.


HOPZERO is a network security startup that limits data travel to prevent hackers from accessing machines or retrieving data. Their mission is to stop the wholesale raiding of America’s and the world’s data. They do this with a revolutionary approach to cybersecurity which precludes risk by limiting the movement of data beyond the sphere of trust.

VyoPath is a preferred North American reseller and services provider for HOPZERO

AppBus provides a digital business platform that integrates, automates and secures enterprise application delivery to any device on any network. With AppBus, acclimating to change is simple. We leverage the capabilities of the enterprise, enable transparency for automation and accelerate the delivery of optimal experiences.

VyoPath is a premier services and implementation provider for AppBus.