Why Choose VyoPath?

The Principals of VyoPath, Inc. have held numerous senior level positions with companies ranging in size from Startups to Fortune 100 across a variety of industries. With this broad range of experience and responsibilities we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing IT Leadership across a number of industries and businesses sizes.


VyoPath is inspired by the common challenges facing IT Leaders, including:

  • Disparate, non-integrated systems

  • Disconnection of IT from overall business strategy

  • Confusion about Cloud technology

  • Difficulty in establishing predictable IT spend in an ever-changing environment

  • Mitigating and managing cyber risk

  • Measuring the business impact of IT solutions


Edge Methodology

Motivated by our collective successes and experiences, VyoPath has developed a proven methodology for accelerating deployments for IT excellence.  


The Edge Methodology uses a four step approach for transformation of IT and integrated software applications for business processes and program optimization.


Engage with the Key Stakeholders from the Business and IT to develop a clear vision of the System Landscape and present the envisioned state.


Collaboratively architect a solution for the enterprise, that supports the business' mission and bottom line.


Perform a fact-based assessment to blueprint any improvements.

We continue to work with your teams to continuously improve the solution, provide guidance to ensure that the solution continues to provide maximum the solutions value.

This methodology has proven to develop complete transparency to the IT landscape, both application and infrastructure.  Along the methodology's journey we capture and highlight comparative information for the enterprise.  These elements assist us with defining the business processes with precision, clarity, and granularity, with focus on:

  • Activities

  • Resources

  • Information

  • Locations