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End-user and customers’ expectation levels have never been higher, and the demand for data shows no sign of slowing down.

Digital content continues to explode, driven by the increase in the collection of essential and non-essential data from IoT, BIG DATA, Fast Data, e-commerce, marketing data and Internet traffic are making data centers one of the fastest-growing consumers of electricity in developed countries, and one of the key drivers in the construction of new power plants.

Data center managers must manage all of these elements while also remaining agile, efficient and keep costs under control. So what are we to do, build more datacenters and pack them with the same infrastructure components, use cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure, who build more data centers and pack them with the cheapest infrastructure components available?

Z-IMPACT is the Hyperconverged Ecosystem

As you, no doubt already know, better power usage efficiency is critical. The less power you can use per square foot of data center space and keep or exceed your existing compute and storage capabilities the lower your over all costs are.

The founders of Z-IMPACT created the first converged solution in 2012 and have been working on real hyperconverged and InfiniBand networking solutions for more than 20 years. With the experience and knowledge they gained over these years, they have solved the issues that constrain the system scaling, e.g. cooling, power consumption and density.  Z-IMPACT holds one of if not the first Patent on hyperconverged solutions.

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